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A saftey pull cable is attached to the actuating arm of the Ramsey PRO-LINE Saftey Cable Pull Switch and termnated at fixed mounts at either end of a conveyor. Force applied to the pull cable at any position causes the actuating arm to move into a tripped-locked position and activates an alarm from one DPDT or two SPDT micro-switches, alerting equipment circuits of the stop condition. This will stay locked until manually reset by the reset lever.
POWER:                        2 Switch Rating SPDT 10A 480V
ENCLOSURE:                NEMA 4 Weatherproof Enclosure
PULL RATING:             8 - 18 LBS.
SHUTDOWN:                 Meets OSHA requirements for safety shutdown
CSA APPROVED:         Class II & Division 1 & 2, Groups E, F & G
* Universal Mounting Plate
* Secondary Flag Alarm
* Complete Hoo-Up Accessories: Cable, Clamps, Standoffs & Lights
* NEMA 4 & NEMA 9 Alarm Light
* Sepcial Finishes for Highly Corrosive Applications 
Ramsey PRO-LINE Series 60-200 Motion Monitoring Systems offer a choice of versatile and reliable packages for monitoring underspeed, overspeed and zero speed conditions on various machinery and systems by sensing the speed variations of rotating parts. Customers can choose from either shaft-driven or non-contacting proximity type sensors depending on application requirements and design preferences. The 60-200 Programmable Motion Monitor is a versatile microprocessor-based controller which can be used with any Ramsey sensor or as the control device when matched with compatible pulse output sensors from other sources.
Programmable Control Features Include:
Start-up delay from 0 - 99 seconds; Alarm setpoints from 0 - 160 percent; Alarm delay from  0 -99 seconds; Restart with power up or remote relay input; Start up delay from either power up or first pulse and either manual or automatic alarm reset.
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The Ramsey PRO-LINE Model 60-23P and 60-23PX Under Speed Switches provide a low-cost, dependable, versatile and simple means of monitoring the rotational velocity of a shaft or other rotating equipment. Feature Include:
* Non-Contacting Proximity Type Detector Provides Longer Life and Lower Operating Costs
* Two Bolt Mounting for Simple Installation with Easy Set-up and/or Troubleshooting
* Rugged Housing: Weather-Tight, Polyammide/Fiberglass, Sturdy and Light Weight
* No Moving Parts
* Alarm/Delay: 10-Second Delay while Rotating Equipment Reaches Operating Speed
*Alarm to Normal Delay Assures Notification when Speed Drops Below Adjustable Set-Point